Navimag Day Two

16 Febrero

First full day on the ship. Saw a large pod of dolphins around 11:00 am, first major wild life spotting. Brilliant. Weather has improved, sunshine breaking through every now and then. Surrounded by mountains and islands. Very similar to NZ's southern fjords except that the water ways are much larger. Hard to gauge size as land not close, fortunately people seemed keen to share binoculars, including some dude that rocked up with a telescope.
Began to see more and more wild life: South American fur seals, blue penguins, petrels, shags and black browed albatrosses. Landscape became more rugged as we made our way to sea with some stunning mountain ranges. Sun came out to greet us as we neared Pacific. Heard someone shout “whales!” We bolted to the bow and saw a southern right whale rise out of the water and clear its blow hole. Magic.

Mountain range near Pacific Ocean.

Sailed through Canal Moraleda, Canal Chacabuco (very nice) and out to Pacific Ocean for the night. Celebrated first time on the eastern edge of the Pacific Ocean with a beer.





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