Wildlife at the End of the World

Most people head to Ushuaia as a point of departure for expeditions to Antarctica, and the city itself is not particularly exciting. However, the surrounding mountains and amazing array of wildlife are a stunning attraction in themselves.


We spent four days looking around Ushuaia, and went on a couple of tours to get amongst the wildlife. The 'Pinatur' took us on an hour and a half bus ride out to Harberton Estancia (an old ranch) where we took a boat to an island with a colony of gentoo and magellan penguins. There was just one lonely king penguin, lost on his way to Antarctica, as well as many other sea birds and birds of prey.

Penguin colony

The tour was fantastic, and allowed us to get up close and personal with the penguins. The majority of penguins on the island were Magellan penguins, which were so cute!

Magellan penguins

The gentoo penguins were also quite striking, and the king penguin was beautiful!

Gentoo penguins

Lonely King Penguin

We also spent one afternoon sailing down the Beagle Channel with 'Tres Marias' to check out colonies of sea lions, terns and cormorants, and to go for a short trek on “H” island, which had stunning views over the channel and surrounding mountains.

Sea lion colony

Colonies of terns and cormorants, with a view from H island

We also spent a day wandering around the Tierra del Fuego National Park, where we went to the end if the road (Ruta 3), as far south as roads go on Earth! The park was beautiful, and we found a grey fox just hanging around at the back of a cafe.

Mark spotted this kingfisher as well. What a handsome little guy!

Kingfisher, grey fox, and the end of the road at Tierra del Fuego National Park



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