La Boca

La Boca is a working class suburb in Buenos Aires, which is best known for its soccer team, the Boca Juniors. Tourists flock to see the brightly coloured buildings of Caminito, and the Sunday markets are a lovely way to explore the vibrant streets, cafés and bars. We had lunch in a colourful café while listening to flamenco guitar and watching people literally dancing in the streets. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

La Boca

So colourful! Apparently the workers from La Boca painted their houses with paint left over from painting the ships in the port, which is why there is such an eclectic mix of colours today.

Colours of La Boca

Tango! Such a passionate dance, which Argentina is famous for. Apparently not many locals actually dance though, which seems like a shame when it is such a part of their heritage. It is put on for the tourists all over Buenos Aires, but nevertheless, it is beautiful to watch.




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