Smoking cigars is not exactly a habit but on special occasions I (Mark) like to share one with friends. Cuba is of course famous for making them but it turns out Brazil has been growing and rolling thier own since at least 1872, when a German by the name of Dannemann set up a plantation in the state of Bahia.

The quality is quite good and the price is cheap when compared to what you would pay in Australia or NZ. Prices range from USD2 to 15, with their best brands sitting at around USD10.

A Monte Pascoal and a Dannemann

I tried a few and really liked them. The cheapest are 'you get what you pay for', as in poorly rolled and not much flavour. The cigars above were top of line and this was evident: tightly rolled, slow to ash, easy draw and flavour that sparkled on the tongue. So good!

Would be keen to head up to Bahia and visit a plantation. Hope that works out.

Ciao ciao.



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