Lollapalooza: Review

It was a cracker of a day. Sunny, not too crowded at 60,000 and a fantastic location in the centre of Sao Paulo. In fact, we reckon it is the best city venue for a festival that we have experienced.

Highlights were a blistering blues set from Gary Clarke Jnr and a blast of soul from Alabama Shakes. Queens of the Stone Age rocked a huge crowd with heavy riffs and the Black Keys got us dancing to Gold on the Ceiling.

The Black Keys performing live at Lollapalooza Brasil, 30 March 2013 ((c) Lollapalooza 2013).

Funny story: we were grabbing a courtesy beer after a stint on the Heineken ferris wheel when the bartender asked if we were from Australia. We said yeah. Turns out these guys had been flown over from Amsterdam to serve Heineken and were desperate to speak english. Struck up a yarn and scored free beers because apparently “the only way to satisfy Australians is to give them beer.” Gold!

Main stage ((c) Lollapalooza 2013).


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