São Paulo Street Art

We had read that Sao Paulo has a strong street art community so while we were there we tried to check it out. We made a beeline for Galeria Choque Cultural, a small gallery that promotes local street artists, in the hope of getting some advice on where to go. As it happens the gallery is near the centre of the action in Pinheiros.

The staff were very helpful. We scored a couple of free art mags which proved that the art community is alive in well in Sao Paulo. We also got a good steer on the local area – Batman Alley, the local football court and a map showing where Space Invader had left his tiles.

The street art was easily spotted, most notably around Batman Alley. Artists were out in broad daylight painting the streets. Apparently they have no fear of prosecution because the residents here support it.


At left is one of 51 space invader icons left by the famous French artist when he was invited by the art community to 'invade' Sao Paolo. We spotted two, but would have looked for more if we had more time.


A blog on Sao Paulo street art would not be complete without mentioning Pixação. We also talked to the gallery staff about this local form of graffiti, whic has grabbed international attention due to its rune like appearance and alleged political motivations. Despite the hype, the staff hilariously dismissed it as “dogs pissing on a wall.” Unfortunately we did not have time to dig into this further but the video below shares a different perspective.




One response to “São Paulo Street Art

  • Xraypics

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Isn;t it interesting how some countries tolerate graffiti and others treat even the most beautiful work as a criminal act. I suppose if you consider the outside of your building/property as a public space, then you don;t get quite that feeling that “Your Space” is being invaded. This San Paulo art is quite exceptional. Thanks for showing it to us. Tony

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