Autumn in San Rafael

When we first arrived in Argentina we decided to apply to work on an organic farm through the WOOF website, which is a network to connect volunteers with organic farms throughout the world. After contacting over twenty different farms, we got one response from a farming collective in San Rafael in the province of Mendoza. After travelling for the last three months, we are happy to sit still for a few weeks, practice our Spanish, and get to know the locals. Travelling can be exhausting, so it will be a welcome change from constantly moving from one place to another. The idea is that we do a few hours of work on the farm each day, in exchange for accommodation and food. Seems like a good deal!

Farm house in San Rafael

Mendoza is the Argentinean wine region, which hosts many world class vineyards, as well as orchards full of olives, apricots, peaches and plums, to name a few. San Rafael produces mostly white wines, and has the perfect climate for fruit trees. We are not sure exactly what we will be doing yet but we will be working on a few different farms helping out where needed before winter. The whole region is beautiful and the colours of autumn add a touch of charm to make it particularly stunning right now!



Poplar trees in Autumn

Apricot trees



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