To Swim in an Aquarium

Our trip to south western Brazil included three stops: the Pantanal via Cuiaba, Chapada and Bonito. The last stop was tagged on when we learned about the amazing snorkelling to be experienced in the many rivers nearby.


As you can see, the water here is crystal clear. The cause? To quote Lonely Planet, “the river waters spring from subterranean sources in a limestone base, almost entirely free of clay, which releases calcium carbonate into the water. The calcium carbonate calcifies all impurities in the water, which then sink to the riverbed.” We filmed one of those springs in action.

The following shots are taken from a two hour snorkelling trip along the Rio Prata, near Bonito.


A freshwater crocodile, a caiman. Sorry for the blur, he is in the centre of the pic.


And to wrap it up, a bit of film…



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