From Salta we headed north to make our way into Bolivia, but we thought we would break up the trip by stopping in Tilcara. We had no idea what to expect, but the little town was beautiful and looked like it was straight out of a country and western movie!

Apparently there are a lot of artists around here, which is evident from the high quality of market stalls and craft shops. There are also a lot of really good quality restaurants and bars, which was a nice surprise!

The surrounding mountains provide a dramatic backdrop to the activities you can do here. We spent one afternoon wandering up to the indigenous ruins not far from town. The Pucará de Tilcara is a pre-Inca fortification that has been partially reconstructed to show the design of the buildings and llama enclosures. There are also graves that have been uncovered, which show small circular stone holes where people were buried curled up in the foetal position, so that they could be reborn into the next world.

Pre-Inca ruins; a monument at the Pucara site; stone graves; llama enclosures.

After talking to some English backpackers who showed us photos of their day, we decided to do a trek to see the surrounding mountains accompanied by llamas who carried a picnic lunch for us! The Caravana de Llamas is totally aimed at tourists, and not normally something we would do, but we thought it would be a fun way to spend our last day in Argentina. The views were amazing, the food delicious, and the wine was an added bonus!

Overall, a few days in Tilcara was the perfect way to end our time in Argentina and get us excited for new adventures. Next stop, Bolivia!!



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