The Saga: Tupiza to Uyuni

Red rocks, canyons, volcanoes, geysers, lagoons, deserts, pink flamingoes, pumas, haunted ruins, mummies and a sea of salt. Our six day tour from Tupiza to Uyuni was an epic trip. In fact, it was a saga. We were being almost permanently overwhelmed by the landscapes.

This series of posts is an attempt to capture the adventure. It will take a few, we've planned for ten…! Now, to be clear up front, this is really just about trying to help us remember it all. So, we don't expect anyone to read through every post. That said, if you are interested in visiting the salt flats and you've heard of the Tupiza to Uyuni option, this may help convince you to do it!

The map below shows the route we took through southwest Bolivia. We started in Tupiza, about 1.5 hours from Villazón by car. The route headed southwest to within 5 kms of the Chilean border and Atacama desert. From there we travelled north to the salt flats, where we spent two nights before arriving at the markets near Uyuni.

The route is marked in blue. The circles are where we stayed for the night.

Our tour was actually two trips: the 'triathlon' around Tupiza and the five day journey to Uyuni. Note that the tours to Uyuni are typically four days but we added an extra day to hike up a volcano. These posts will cover all six days.



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