Day Two: The Haunted Ruins

This is another side story from Day Two of The Saga. This wasn't mentioned in the original post but one of our stops was at some 'Haunted Ruins' at the base of a volcano.

The story is that these ruins are pre-Inca. Indigenous people moved here to mine for silver and gold, which eventually attracted the attention of the Incas. The Spanish later came and conquered the site.



The reason it is considered haunted is the town's history of sacrifices. These started off as llama sacrifices in exchange for good luck etc, which in some places is still practiced. The problem is that under the Spanish (? or Inca, we are not clear on this) the sacrifices became human.

Llama bones were scattered around the site.


The village was eventually abandoned and when Bolivia became independent a new colony tried to establish itself (the source of the white washed buildings in the centre of town). Apparently people in the colony suffered nightmares and decided the area was haunted by the ghosts of the human sacrifices. It all became a bit much for the superstitious and they abandoned the site.


The ruins themselves were interesting to walk through but the area was pretty desolate. Mark found various bone piles and even clay jar fragments. We are not sure how old the jar fragments are but the guides seemed genuinely surprised that we found them!


All in all in was an interesting stop. We don't visit sites like this very often!



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