Out and About in Sucre

A beautiful white washed colonial city, colourful markets, cool bars and an amazing array of restaurants makes Sucre a great place to hang out. We planned to stay a couple of days and ended up here for a week, with not much to show for it except lots of good food, cocktails and fun with new friends!

When you have been travelling for awhile in one continent, you inevitebly end up on the same path as other travellers. For some reason, Sucre seemed to be the place we converged with all the friends we have made along the way over the last few months. What are the odds of walking down the street and running into people you know, or staying at the same hostel on the same date, months after you have met someone? Pretty random, but lots of fun! We had a great time socialising, going out for lunch and dinner, drinking and salsa dancing, which was some much needed luxury after battling through the cold of the Salt Flats. It was really nice to see familiar faces and have some element of a normal life after being on the road for so long. The next best thing to being at home with all the friends we miss!
After wandering around town admiring the plaza and colonial buildings, we stumbled across the local markets. Not only is this the best place to buy cheap delicious fruit juices, but we also found all sorts of comfort food. We got a little excited, Mark bought a bunch of meat, we found olives, cheese, and the ingredients for guacamole, and decided to invite everyone around for a bbq to use up some of the ridiculous amount of spices we have been carting around with us since Argentina. Then we bought a massive cream filled cake. Just because we could. On top of that, we decided to make mulled wine and found huge cinnamon sticks to go with it. Perfect ingredients for a dinner party! Other backpackers looked on with curiosity as we fired up the bbq and put our gourmet chef hats on. Good fun, and so nice to be able to cook for friends even if we were in a hostel far from home!
If we had more time we would have loved to stay longer. Sucre would be the perfect place to hang out for a few weeks and learn Spanish. Not only is it a cool city, but the Spanish spoken in Bolivia is so much essier to understand than the heavily accented Spanish elsewhere in South America!



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