No Molestar los Animales

The photo above shows a tourist holding a yellow squirrel monkey. It was taken during our pampas tour in Bolivia's Amazon. The poor monkey was snatched with child-like glee from a tree that our guide had plowed into. Apparently animals are cute toys to be touched and handled for our entertainment. We also saw people almost jump out of our boat to touch a crocodile!

Kids from our tour try to get up close with the monkeys. We were with Fluvial Tours.

The same operators will catch anacondas and let people hold them for photos (and shit on the tourists out of fear) and we heard reports of people getting so close to dolphins that they were bitten.

We were shocked at the approach of the tour operarors, who clearly knew that some tourists wanted an up close experience and competed with each other to get their boats closer to the action. All the operators in the pampas that we saw behaved the same way, despite signs in Rurrenabaque warning people not to 'molestar los animales'.

We would encourage you to do a bit of research before committing to a tour in the Amazon (note that most operarors run tours in both the pampas and the jungle). We think it is really important that this behaviour is not encouraged. Surprisingly, this operator was recommended by Lonely Planet but in their defense they did warn about this sort of behaviour. We will be sure to raise this with them all the same.

Thanks for reading,

Mark and Saskia.



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