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The Nazca Lines


While we were staying at Huacachina, we arranged for a day trip to Nazca and a flight over the Nazca Lines. Although we had heard scary stories of the plane ride, we thought it was an opportunity not to be missed.


Apparently these lines were created by the Nazca people sometime around 400-650 AD, but only became well known after a Peruvian archaeologist saw them while hiking in 1927. Although some can be seen from on top of the surrounding foothills, it is best to see them from the air to get the full scale and magnitude of the images.


The lines are made by removing the red pebbles on the ground and uncovering the lighter coloured ground beneath. Once up in the sky, it is quite astounding to see that there are lines EVERYWHERE! Along with the familiar pictures there are also just geometric shapes and random lines scattered across the desert landscape.




The most impressive where the hummingbird, monkey, whale, dog and the waving man that looks like an alien!




Not quite Shackleton but…

This may be the furthest South that we have travelled. It is about 11:30 pm NZ time, or 6:47 am Chile time and we are somewhere over the South Pacific. Not sure what the latitude is but the plane’s GPS tells me we are just south of NZ, about a third of the distance to Chilean shores.

So how about that, have achieved personal firsts and the trip has barely started!