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Navimag Day Three

17 Febrero

Full nights sleep! Very grateful.

Weather improved. Several colonies of southern sea lions spotted on rocky islands nearby. Land much closer, can get a good look at the vegetation. Very beautiful. No civilisation in sight.

Made our way to Tempanos Glacier early in the afternoon. This is one of over 50 glaciers in Patagonia and our first to visit by boat. To reach it we had to travel up Iceberg Fjord, aptly named due to the floating chunks of ice. The glacier looked fantastic, brilliant shades of blue. Two seals also provided entertainment.

Left side of Tempanos Glacier

Dense ice in the centre of the glacier.

Fur seal splashing about.

The water was filled with ice.

Next stop was a ship wreck, the Cotopaxi. The captain allegedly sunk the ship in attempt to claim insurance. However he failed and merely beached it on some rocks. Whole thing seemed intact. Made for some great pics.

The Cotopaxi.

Final stop of the day was Villa Puerto Eden, a small fishing village, 100 pax. Apparently it is one of Chile's most isolated villages. Claim to fame is the 11 surviving members of the Kawéshkar people. We left the ship and spent about an hour on this picturesque part of the planet. Spotted many hummingbirds and the largest bumblebees we have ever seen. Snow was on the mountains, even though it is still summer. Must get damn cold in winter!

Villa Puerto Eden, the wharf is in the centre.

Colourful boats. Yellow seemed to be theme.

Magellan hummingbird.

Day capped off with a boozy party. Would give stories but don't remember much!

The Navimag ferry Evangalistas.