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MOVE: A Fantastic Travel Video

Hi everyone and happy new year! Apologies for the gap in posts, we are getting back into it soon!

Saskia found a great travel video online. It is only a minute long but take a look. The premise: three friends took one second of footage at scenic locations across 18 countries. An inspired idea and a great result.

Enjoy 🙂


¡Help! Has Anyone Tried to Convert Their Blog into an Ebook?

Seeking advice from fellow WordPress users.

We were looking back on our adventures yesterday and it occurred to us that it would be great if we could create an ebook using our posts. The two advantages are:

  1. Access to the stories when offline.
  2. Independent storage of the content.

We've created photobooks before but they are very time intensive. What we are hoping is that some software exists that can copy the content on the blog and paste it into an ebook. We would then edit the ebook to make sure the presentation is perfect, or near enough.

Has anyone experimented with this? Are there any websites you would recommend?

We've had a look at but it is not for use on an existing blog, it must be used with a new site. A possibly better option is MagPress, which seems easy but requires a $50 purchase.

Some good advice here but curious to know if anyone has tried anything with success?

Thanks in advance.

Mark and Saskia.


Soundtracks for Travel

I've always liked the idea that songs or albums can form the soundtrack for our lives. I thrashed Pacific Heights' first album when I was living in Queenstown so it always pops into my head when I go back there. I'm sure most people can connect music to what they were doing at different times in their lives. Gotta love it.

Lately a few songs have been getting plenty of air time with us. I don't know why these particular songs are getting a blast, they just are. Thought it would be fun to share them. Shake ya booty.